Festivals and Curated Programs

Our festivals, special events, and curated programs celebrate theatre, film, and music featuring underrepresented perspectives. Our festivals prompt both laughter and dialogue, entertaining audiences and inspiring discussion. We keep ticket prices low and make submitting accessible to artists working on any budget by not charge submission fees, using a simple submission process, and not requiring special formatting. We feel lucky to have the opportunity to share so many amazing short works, those discovered at other festivals, those submitted, and those created by our team.
Five women on a stage enthusiastically exclaim
Five women on a stage enthusiastically exclaim

Theatre Festival

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2023: Rotate Theatre Mini Fest

2017: The Zoe Plays

2016: The Ava Plays

2015: The Ella Plays

2014: The Olivia Plays

2013: The Rebecca Plays

Film Festival

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2014 Film Festival

2013 Film Festival

2012 Film Festival

Special Programs